9 Tips To Stop Drinking Alcohol


Your Test Results suggest you should seriously think about Quitting Drinking. Keep reading for some helpful tips.


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If you’ve been thinking about How To Stop Drinking, your not alone. Thousands of people successfully quit drinking alcohol every year. However, not everyone does it on there first try. In fact, it takes most people multiple attempts to succeed.


For a lot of people, quitting drinking is a lifelong endeavor. But no matter how many tries it takes them or how long it takes, they all agree, it was worth it.

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If you want to stop drinking on your own, read on:

9 Stop Drinking Tips:

Tip #1: Drink Water – Start drinking at least 5 glasses of clean water each day as your body desperately needs water for almost every action it takes. You can survive for weeks without food, but only a couple of days without water. Coffee, tea, soda, juice, etc, do NOT count. Try replacing your craving for Alcohol with water.

Tip #2: Remove Temptation – Get rid of ALL the Alcohol in your home and anywhere else you keep it. Have a friend help you to keep you honest. Instead, buy lots of healthy fruit juice and drink that instead. It may be difficult in the beginning, but after a few weeks, you will actually start to enjoy these healthy alternatives. Think of it as paying back your body for all the abuse you put it through drinking everyday.

Tip #3: Eat Well – This is probably the Most Important Tip you can follow. Never Skip a Meal. Eat 3 – 4 healthy meals a day and include Breakfast. You may not be used to eating early in the morning because you were drinking all day and night, but make sure you do. You will be much less likely to crave alcohol with a full stomach. Don’t be lazy and live off of fast food, learn how to prepare a healthy meal at home that you can be proud of.

Tip #4: Exercise – Start a moderate exercise program. Start of with cardio a few times a week and then you can introduce some basic weight training. You will quickly start feeling better about yourself, and you will look better too. The more you exercise, the less you will desire Alcohol.

Tip #5: Take Control – You are not a victim, you have control over your own actions. Don’t use the ready made excuse that your a victim. You have your life ahead of you and it will only get better and easier not to drink.

Tip #6: Don’t Give Up – If you have a moment of weakness and have a drink, don’t let that ruin all the hard work you’ve done. Get back on track and continue with your plan to quit drinking for good.

Tip #7: Get a Hobby – Find a hobby or activity that will replace your old unhealthy hobby of drinking. Think of how much time you spent drinking each day. Now, you can choose to do something constructive during that time.

Tip #8: Avoid Sugar – The body turns alcohol into sugar. When you stop drinking, your body will still crave sugar. This sugar addition usually goes away after a few weeks. Don’t let your sugar cravings sabotage your progress. Stay away from sweets and you will get over it faster.

Tip #9: Never Forget – You decided to quit drinking for a reason. Write a list of at least 10 ways your life will be better without Alcohol. Keep that list with you at all times or put it in a place you will see everyday. Never forget the hell you went through when you were drinking and the struggle to quit also. Do you really want to throw all that away? Of course not, sometimes we need to remind ourselves just how bad it was. It’s easy to forget once you start feeling good about yourself. Just remember, the reason your feeling so good is – Your Not Drinking!

No matter how you Quit Drinking, whether on your own or with help, remember that it is a great accomplishment that you should be Very, Very Proud Of…


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