Am I An Alcoholic Test

Not sure if you have an Alcohol Addiction?

We have designed a Self Test to help you decide whether you need to seriously consider getting help.

Take the test below. The more honest you are with the answers, the more accurate the results.

There is no time limit.

Welcome to your Alcohol Self Test

Does it take more alcohol to get drunk now than when you first started?
Do you enjoy drinking with family and friends?
Do you hide your drinking?
Does your drinking increase when you are disappointed, angry or sad?
Do you forget what happened while your drinking?
Do you prefer to drink alcohol instead of eating a meal?
Are you having problems in your relationships because of drinking?
Do you ever feel a bit guilty about your drinking?
Do you get nervous when alcohol is not available?
Have you ever had any legal problems because of drinking?
Have you ever had an argument about your drinking with friends or loved ones?
Do ever regret what you say or do while drinking alcohol?
Do you get the shakes in the morning?
Has your Doctor ever told you to reduce or stop your drinking?
Do you often stay drunk for several days in a row?
Have any of your relatives ever had a problem with alcohol abuse?
Have you ever tried getting help with your excessive drinking?

This test is not intended to replace advice from a doctor or therapist.

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