What Is An Intervention?

What is an Intervention?

An Intervention Meeting is a Professionally Directed, education process resulting in a face to face meeting of family members, friends and/or employer with the Alcoholic. People who struggle with Addiction are often in denial about their situation and unwilling to seek treatment. A correct Alcohol Intervention Strategies can help the Alcoholic accept their Drinking Problem and Agree to Alcohol Rehab.

How Do You Plan An Intervention?

Basic Alcohol Intervention Strategies:

  • A family member or friend proposes an Intervention.
  • Form the Intervention team.
  • Decide who will run the Intervention Meeting.
  • Plan what each Participant will say to the Alcoholic during the Intervention.
  • Decide on specific consequences if the Alcoholic doesn’t agree to Treatment.
  • Plan the Location, Date and Time for Meeting. Interventions should take place on Neutral Territory.
  • Develop a game plan to get the Alcoholic to the Intervention. The meeting needs to be a surprise since the Alcoholic will usually not participate willingly.

You should seriously consider a Professional Interventionist.

What Is An Interventionist?

A Professional Interventionist will be experienced in holding a Successful Intervention even if your loved one/friend becomes hostile or confrontational. Alcohol Intervention can be one of the more difficult types of Intervention because of the nature of Alcohol itself. It’s general acceptance in daily life therefore making it more difficult to actually diagnose an Alcohol Abuse Problem.

It is common for the Alcohol Abuser to use Defensive Rationalizations to convince everyone that they don’t have a Drinking Problem. The Alcohol Intervention Specialist is a trained expert in how to handle any of these type of Defensive Behaviors that may arise during the process.

Why Is Intervention Necessary?

Alcoholics suffer from much more than just their substance misuse. They usually have other issues in their lives that they struggle to deal with. This causes them to turn to Alcohol as a coping device. Unable to deal with their problems, they seek an altered state of consciousness to temporarily cover them up. The Alcoholic’s Drinking Problem cannot be successfully treated without addressing the underlying psychological issues first . Alcohol has become an easy solution to life’s problems.

This is why Intervention For An Alcoholic becomes necessary, they are unable to help themselves. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “The First Step To Recovery Is Admitting You Have a Problem”, right? Well, the main objective of the Alcoholism Intervention, is to get them to admit their problem with overwhelming evidence from close Family Members.

The Second Reason for the Intervention Meeting, of course, is to get them to agree to go to Rehab. There needs to be an Advanced Plan with the Alcohol Treatment Facility so they can be ready for the incoming patient. Usually, the Alcohol Rehab Center will have information and/or recommendations for Alcohol Intervention Services.
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